MDA comes with multiple layout options.

All options can be changed in the settings. Open the settings menu by clicking on the wheel icon in the navbar. Changes will be stored in the localstorage.

Menu Position

The main menu can be displayed in vertical or horizontal position. In both positions the menu is responsive and uses the same markup, which makes it easy to provide both options to your users for a great user experience.
By clicking on the close icon each menu can be hidden, which gives the user more workspace on smaller devices while still having quick access to the menu's without havig to scroll.

Change Menu Position:

Because of the responsivness the menu can only be displayed vertical on small devices.

Page Layout

You have the option to choose between two page layouts. Both use the same html markup.

Change Page Layout:

Skins and Themes

To see all the options for changing skins and themes see the Theming page.

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