Search, Sort, Filter and Pagination Functions

Add functions like search, sort, filter or pagination to lists, tables and various HTML elements with the List.js library.

For all options see the documentation


An example list with options to filter, sort and search.

Also see the Tickets page for an example.

  • Dave Williams

    Team B

  • Melissa Milano

    Team C

  • Sara Smith

    Team B

  • Mike Rodriguez

    Team A

  • Andrew Johnson

    Team C

  • Alicia Perez

    Team A

  • Paul Garcia

    Team B

Table Sort and Pagination

An example table with functionality to sort on table headers, and pagination.

Invoice nr. Client Amount Status
A1410-45698 Tiger Nixon $3,800 paid
B1410-35419 Donna Snider $800 paid
A1408-11852 Ashton Cox $14,200 paid
A1412-12345 Herrod Chandler $1,800 late
A1411-76522 Colleen Hurst $1,750 paid
B1501-11852 Michael Silva $12,750 send
B1512-11860 Sam Johnson $360 send
A1602-5230 Alex Navarro $2,150 send
A1603-7010 Ashley Miller $150 paid

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